Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ooh Shiny!

It finally came, five days after my Birthday it arrived. Lee ordered it way back in early April, and told me what it was 2 days later. The excitement disapeared a little after waiting over a month to recieve it, but when it came today and I took it out it's cardboard box and found it beautifully wrapped I got all excited like a 5 year old at Christmas. I sat on the floor for a good five minutes thinking 'Ooh Shiny'. At the risk of sounding like an 82 year old woman, the wrapping is so nice I don't want to unwrap it, and haven't yet. That's not the only reason though, Lee also promised we would continue to celebrate my Birthday until my present arrived and I unwrapped it. So, 5 days later we are still celebrating - sort of. A long time to celebrate a Birthday, no? Well, when it was Lee's birthday, January 20th, I believe we celebrated well into mid February. I declared to one of my friends "He just won't stop celebrating his Birthday!", he had about 3 nights out, one party, two meals, one trip to the sea side, and a handful of other 'Birthday events'.

I'm not quite sure where i'm going with - to be honest I just wanted to show you the wrapping - pretty, is it not?

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