Saturday, 15 May 2010

Busy Boy

The oddest of things has happened to me within my short first few days in London. I seem to have developed an extremely camp walk. I’ve been walking very quickly to work, and up and down the streets doing surveys and such, and it seems to have put a slight swing in my hip. Being around gays all day surely hasn’t helped the matter much. I’m not sure whether or not I like my new walk, it certainly turns heads, but I’m not sure they are looking for the right reasons. As I was pondering upon this very thought on the walk back to my hotel a friendly smiling gentleman called out to me. “You walk very fast young man.” It hadn’t occurred to me how fast I was actually walking around. I was practically running. “I walk extremely fast” he continued, “but you, look, you’re practically taking over that cyclist.” I noticed I was tailing a nervous cyclist. I slowed a little. “You should be awarded a gold medal.”
“I’m a busy boy” I replied.
“I bet you are” he winked and I realised he was flirting. I’m not use to coming across gays on an everyday basis, and was quite shocked. “Can I walk with you?” he asked.
“If you can keep up” I replied, trying to walk to fast for him.
“Are you single” he asked with a curious smile that made me rather nervous.
“Nope” I said speeding away. He didn’t say anything after that, I was quite pleased. I got back to the hotel and kicked off my new Primark £5 canvas shoes. Shameful I know, but they’re rather nice (for Primark). As I looked down at them I realised I had worn holes in the soles of them. I’d only worn them twice. Maybe I ought to drop my new walk before it wears a hole in my pocket as well.

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