Saturday, 22 May 2010


As mentioned in the previous post, I'm taking revenge on my dearest friend 'Grandma', she did the sweetest thing by writing a Birthday blog post about me, but ruined the whole thing with a terrible picture of me.

So, this is my revenge. She doesn't look that bad in this picture, but it is most certainly not one of her best. It wasn't easy to find either, the woman is so god damn pretty, fashionable and downright photogenic.

I knew there was a picture that was used for The Entrepreneur but she quickly got it changed. It looked like her shirt was yellow and unwashed - even though it was - bloody camera.

As, her Birthday gift to me in fact gained me 3 new followers, (btw hi!) I thought i'd slip a little endorcement for her in here too, as it is her Birthday today. - Happy Birthday Grandma!

Laura, arguably the star of The Entrepreneur, Blogger of A Life In The Day Of Me,, and editor of short story anthology What We Wrote, is the best friend anyone could ask for - she'll tell you when your hair is awful, she'll tell you if your being boring, she'll tell you when your making bad decisions - these are meant to be good things... oh, and she's great fun!

- How fake did that sound it? It was meant to be genuine... no really, it was.

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