Friday, 21 May 2010

The Nicest Thing Anyone Ever Did Do

I've always considered what the best gift, ever, would be - but now I know! I was going to find the time today to tell you about the Selfridges party last night, but that will have to wait! I opened up my emails today to find my dearest friend 'Grandma' had sent me a link to a new blog post. It Happens Once A Year, with a caption beneath reading enjoy. As much as I like a card, a text, a phone call, or even a facebook message saying 'Happy Birthday' from somebody I've not spoken to in over two years, reading a happy birthday blog in my honor is in an entirely different league! I'm in love with my friend Grandma right now, it's the best gift ever! However, I hate her as well, though our friendship is very loving we are quite banter-bitchy to one another, so to top off the blog post she attached a horrific picture of me to it. The picture I am terribly embarrassed of, the picture I hoped I would never, ever see again. The picture which she put on the website until I begged her repeatedly to take it off. Thanks Grandma, I both love and hate you right now. Fortunately though, our Birthdays are not far apart at all, in fact her Birthday is less than 13 hours away. Let's just see if I can find a choice photo or two to mount my blog. Be warned 'Grandma', be warned!

More blogs soon, watch this space!

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