Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Happiest Woman in The World.

I left work with a smile today. I had, had a good day. I had, had a good week. And it was the weekend; I had a lot to smile about. I went to the underground to get the tube back to my hotel and as I was waiting for my train the tannoy sounded out with the happiest woman I had ever heard. “Good afternoon everyone, it’s Friday, time for the weekend! I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all Monday. Wheeeeeeeeee it’s Friday. Thank goodness it’s Friday.” – I don’t know if this is normal, I don’t know if this happens every Friday on the underground, but it made me happy, and it made me laugh. Other people around me were laughing too, which suggests that perhaps it isn’t a regular occurance. I don’t blame the woman for being so happy, she sounds so pissed off in the mornings. “Southbound train terminating at Morden via Bank will be approaching the platform in one minute.” Having to say that over and over for hours must be painful, I don’t blame her for sounding like she might top herself. On a Friday afternoon she has the right to be the happiest woman in the world.

So I got onto the train and sat down, I usually stand up, but the terrible blisters on the soles of my feet were starting to get a bit too painful. I sit there with a half smile and fall into a day dream. After about five minutes the woman opposite looks at me with disgust. I look at her confused and realise that I have been inadvertently staring at her breasts for five minutes. I don’t know what to do. I could apologise, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I could tell her I was gay, but that would be inappropriate. (Though the man next to me was staring at a picture of Elton John surrounded by naked men for a little to long for a straight man). In the end I decided to carry on staring at her breasts with a daydreamy look on my face so that she would realise i was day-dreaming and not staring.. It just seemed to infuriate her more. She was not the happiest woman in the world.

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