Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Big Smoke

So, I arrived in The Big Smoke - that's London. My mother calls it The Big Smoke, I'm not sure if that's a real thing but that's what she calls it. I've never heard it called that before, but it fits; I guess. I really wanted to fill my blog day by day of my exciting daily accounts, and although I'm enjoying my time here immensely I cannot think of a button to write. I'm at work at the minute, you see, whilst I don't have a task set, I'm free to do as I wish. So i thought I'd scribble down this post. I'm on an apple mac and have no idea how to use one. I would love to know how to right click on one of these things, I really would. I'm reminded of my friend Grandma's life motto, no, not "Say yes to life", her less famous one. "When in doubt Apple macs".

So I'm here, well. The night before I came I was terribly ill, I hadn't been so ill since my appendicitis scare a week before my GCSEs - No spell checker, not gasses. GCSEs. Bloody thing - . I was violently ill, and didn't sleep AT ALL. Working in an office full of gays, is, as you might expect, every bit as fabulous as you might think. Friendly camp voices and smiles, and topless photo shoots every which way you look.

I'm not sure what else to tell you dear reader, to be honest, I'll be in touch soon.

I promise.


  1. A third life motto for thought... when in Rome, do the Romans!


  2. Jess disapproves I'm afraid. Edited it out Dusted, pfft! I say edit her out of Dusted! *hides from Jess' rage if she reads this*