Saturday, 15 May 2010

We found you an apple!

I learned a valuable lesson on my 4th morning in London. The night before I left my breakfast order hanging on the door so they would bring it up in the morning. Under the drinks section, there were the options.

- Orange Juice
- Tomato Juice
- Grapefruit Juice
- Glass of Milk

Now I know downstairs that they have apple juice as well, so I ticked orange juice and wrote above it. Apple if you have followed by a smiley face. At 7am there is a knock at the door so I answer, a smiling lady stands in the doorway holding a tray with my breakfast. I take the tray and notice they have given me orange juice, which I don’t mind. I start eating my breakfast when about ten minutes later there is another knock at the door. I answer and the same woman stands in the doorway. “We found you an apple!” she exclaims incredibly proud of herself. "We didn’t have any in the kitchen but we tracked one down, you see there is a fruit vendor just around the corner and..."
“Thanks.” I say really bewildered and take the apple. I put it on my breakfast tray and carry on eating my breakfast confused. I look down at my breakfast order and see. “Apple if you have :)”.

Oops. Lessons learned, next time i'll stick to the tick boxes.

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