Thursday, 20 May 2010

Sliding Doors

As the tube train doors slammed shut and I frantically looked for the open doors button, which just didn't exist, Lee and I were separated. I couldn't help but remember Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors. It was no big disaster, i just got off on the next stop and waited for Lee to arrive on the next train, my mind boggled with the possibilities though. How was this little occurrence going to endlessly and drastically change the course of my life from now on. We wandered out of the tube station, looked at tower bridge, which didn't excite either of us very much then got back on the tube to Covent Garden. We wandered around for a while before going to have our picture taken outside Pineapple Dance Studios, which i had previously googled and drawn a map too. We walked down the side street, somewhat giddy and excited, but there was a crowd of dancers outside talking about ballet and such i would imagine. We didn't dare stop for a photo so we just slipped past taking a glimpse inside the door to the reception as we went. We spotted the annoying one, i can't even remember his name, the one who constantly tries it on with girls and fails, him. The one who walked into a girls changing rooms and offered them all environmentally friendly deodorants, the one who spelt everything wrong on a poster. Him. I could easily google it and find out his name, it would take less than the time it takes to write this sentence, but I'm not going to bother. We walked past and diverted back to Covent Garden. We didn't get a picture - the picture that should be sparkling atop this blog post. You'll have to imagine it. Our faces were like this - =D

I can't help but think if the doors had slid shut a few seconds later, Lee and I, would have probably seen, met, and danced with Louie Spence. Imagine that. Damn doors.

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