Music From Rainy Skies Magazine:
We Can Do What We Want Forever

FD2D: That Friday Night Feeling II

FD2D: That Friday Night Feeling

From Dusk 2 Dawn:
Longford Family Band Review
The Park Bench Review
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Dusted 2010-2011 issue 6:
Page 10-11: Cal Does... Poledancing

FD2D: Creamfields 2011 Line-Up Announced!

The Derby Telegraph:
Charlotte Carpenter Review

The Derby Telegraph:
Dessert Crossings Review.

Dusted 2010-2011 Issue 5:
Page 6-7: Cal Does... The Equine Club.

FD2D: The Loose Thread In Men's Fashion.

Dusted 2010-2011 Issue 4:
Page 4: The Valentine's Debate. The Possitive Side of Being One-Half of a Couple.

FD2D: Interview with Paris Riots

Dusted 2010-2011 Issue 3:
Page 4: The Detrimental Effects of Means-Testing Student Loans
Page 38: Cal Does... Nothing

Dusted 2010-2011 Issue 2:
Page 8: It Gets Better
Page 32: An Interview with Guilty Pleasures
Page 38/39: Cal Does... The Derby Braves

Dusted 2010-2011 Issue 1:
Page 7/8: Blood Donation: Is It Okay To Lie?
Page 14/15: Interview with Diana Vickers
Page 33: Interview with Coolio
Page 37: Fresher's Tips
Page 40: Interview with Young Guns
Page 42/43: Cal Does... The Cheerleaders

Dusted 2009-2010 Issue 6:
Page 19: Interview with Daisy Dares You
Page 20: Interview with Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Page 31: Back to the 80's Review

Dusted 2009-2010 Issue 5:
Page 8/9: Derby's Got Talent Review

Dusted 2009-2010 Issue 4:
Page 38: Avatar Film Review