Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Yesterday, I overdid it a little and exhausted myself. Whilst nursing the beginnings of a headache I decided it was time to give my mind a rest and have a well earned break.

I put some of my favourite food in the oven, ran myself a bath and went to choose a film to watch on my laptop. As I was searching through film ratings an advert popped up at the side of my screen. Instead of scrolling straight past it, as I usually would, I was captivated by it; A tiny silhouette of a spinning dancer.

“Which way is the dancer spinning?” the flashing text beneath it questioned me. Clockwise or Anticlockwise? Clockwise, I thought, obviously. I clicked clockwise and I got redirected to a McDonalds’ website. I closed it and carried on looking through film ratings. The dancer lingered in the back of my mind and before I knew it I was Googling her. I received hundreds of results.


The dancer may be something you’re familiar with, but she was entirely new to me. Apparently if you see the dancer turning clockwise you have a more imaginative and creative mind, if you see the dancer turning anti-clockwise you have a more logistical and straight forward mind.

I tried to perceive the dancer turning anti-clockwise but I simply couldn’t. I stared long and hard at the dancer, looking at it from different angles but it still turned clockwise. Bewildered and puzzled I minimised the page and went to check on my food. When I returned I found her spinning anti-clockwise. I began staring at her, my mind boggling, trying to perceive her to be spinning clockwise again but it seemed impossible. I strained my mind, looked at her upside down, closed my eyes and opened them. Nothing worked, she was now continuously spinning anti-clockwise.

It aggravated me; an hour later I was still watching the god damn dancer spin, my food burnt, my bath cold, the idea of watching a film forgotten and replaced with a pounding headache. I eventually collapsed exasperated.

A button at the bottom left of the screen read in capital letters “SOLUTION.” Intrigued, I clicked it.

It turns out she’s not spinning at all.

Brother pucking internet, go puck yourself, I thought.

Which way do you see her spinning?


  1. I always see her going clockwise and have just spent a few minutes getting a headache attempting to see it anti-clockwise. Isn't going to happen so think I'll save myself the trouble and give up.

  2. Took me forever but I figured it out. Focus on the foot that's planted and what direction it is you think she should be going and then look back up!