Sunday, 10 October 2010

Causing A Stir

A while back we asked a photographer friend to take some snaps of us for the University magazine. We took some serious ones and some that were just the opposite; for our own personal pleasure.

(Probably about as mature as the editorial team of Dusted gets)

I heard a popping sound from my facebook the next day. "Calum. Guess what happened on my journey home." it said.
"What?" I asked back. I'm not fond of guessing games.
"Well, I was sat on the train editing the photos when the one of you exposing your chest popped up."
"The old woman next to me wasn't best pleased. She sighed heavily and said "Oh really?" in a very disapproving manner."

This pleased me of course. My body apparantly can cause a stir from halfway across the country. That's always good to know. I'd share the picture with you but it would only anger all my elderly readers - which is probably zero.

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