Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Are YOU Gay?

I remember being fourteen, all of my straight male friends had heard about an online gay test; we all decided, me included, that we would take it. It'd be fun and we could ridicule the one who was the most gay.

I didn't want to agree to this but how could I say no? As far as they knew I lusted after Cameron Diaz and Kelly Brooke. I remember we all sat around one of the school computers, probably around six of us, and each took the test.

I was carefully monitoring what choices the others were making and then monitoring their different scores to try and concoct the perfect straight score. I went last, thankfully; I was trying to sound as straight as possible. Carefully considering my answers.

I came out the least gay. It was a victory at the time; now it feels like a defeat.I remember later going back to find that test and it had been removed. I would like to take it honestly and see how my score came out.

I scoured the internet for a similar test out of interest but found nothing. I did however, find this.

What do you see?

I stared at the picture for quite some time. It's two people dancing I told myself. A man and a woman in a skirt. Then I was confused. How is this a test? I can't see anything else in this picture.

It actually took me five minutes of scratching my head to realise it was also a pair of brests. I asked Lee to come in. "It's some people dancing," he said, just as confused as I was. He realised it was also breasts a lot quicker than I did, but it still took some time.

We've not managed to try this out on any straight men or women yet.
What do you see? Leave a comment!

If this test completely fails on you, try the Argos Catologue test. Open it at random and see what you get.

Lee manages to turn to topless men everytime. It's quite bizarre.


  1. I saw two people dancing but then when you mentioned it in your blog I began to see the boobage...this changes everything! LOL.

  2. If I saw breasts instantly, does that make me a lesbian..?!

  3. what if i see a vagina? hm...

  4. I saw two people getting ready to fight - I'm bi and still struggled to see the breasts after you pointed them out.