Monday, 11 October 2010

Me Time

In a fast moving world full of responsibility it’s very rare we have a chance to be completely and utterly selfish for a whole day. We have to go about our everyday lives and somehow maintain a completely unselfish nature from morning until night. Just think about it; have you ever gone a day without being unselfish? Sometimes we need to be selfish; we’ve always felt the need to just be ourselves, felt the need to cut ourselves away from everything, felt the need to curl up within ourselves and just be.

We’re always going out of our way to help people, so much so that we barely even realise it, it’s in our nature and is quite a beautiful thing. It is of course reciprocated though. The one person who finally let’s you cross the road when it’s pouring down with rain, the elderly table attendant who chases you down out of the food court because you’ve forgotten your coat, and the friend who does something special just for you to cheer you up when you’re having that bad day that comes around way too often.

This world wouldn’t work without these selfless deeds but I think now and then we need a much deserved break. Today, or the next time you have a free day, I challenge you to be completely and utterly selfish. I’ve talked about being generous and doing just the opposite before but I think we all deserve a hard-earned break. Open up your diary and find that date when you’re completely free of commitments and write in big letters ‘Me Time’

Of course I don’t mean go out of your way to not help people, if you see an old woman fall down on the way to the shop, don’t refrain from helping her up because today is your ‘Me Time’ – There’s a line between being inhuman and being selfish.

I know personally when I have free time and/or free money to spare I will go into town and probably buy something for Lee, prepare a nice meal for Lee, visit my friends and bring a bottle and something to snack on. Whereas I think that’s a great and positive way to go about life, sometimes we should think solely about ourselves.

So, when you have your ‘Me Time’, put your favourite music on your iPod, pop into town to get your favourite food, maybe a film or a nice pair of shoes. Go home, relax, run yourself a bath or do whatever it is that makes you feel best. Think positive thoughts; boys and puppies maybe?

Failing that, boys and kittens?

Be selfish, do what you want and nothing else. Tomorrow you’ll be even more prepared to face the world head on and are probably even more likely to help that cute boy chase his shopping down the street.

You’ll thank me later!

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