Saturday, 2 October 2010

Nice Bum

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" she sang along in the silent disco. I found it much more fun to pull off my headphones and listen to the drunkards singing. It's surprising how few people pretend they can rap along to Dizzee rascal, they can't, I assure you. I put my headphones back on and no less than thirty seconds I could see my editor type friend mouthing something to me as she bounced around the disco tent. I took them off again. "What?"
"Cal," she shouted at the top of her voice to a silent room. "You know, i've never really seen your bum in those trousers."
"Oh?" she began to yell louder.
"Yeah, you have a nice bum, a really really nice bum." The dozens of people not wearing their headphones looked at her. I burst out laughing. She carried on.
"What? You do, it's really nice, firm. I should look at your bum more often. You tell Lee he should appreciate it more. Don't you listen if he doesn't compliment you enough." I pulled the headphones off her head.
"You know you just shouted that into a silent room full of people, right?"
"I forgot," she replied a glimmer of mortification in her eyes.

We left shortly after.

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