Friday, 29 October 2010

When Nobody Is Looking

Somebody once said “You are who you are when nobody is looking.” I’m sat here, alone, looking around our flat and wondering who it is I am. I think I have a well-established sense of who I am, for now anyway. I strongly believe, although there is a lot of truth in this, when you have been with somebody a long time, the person you are when nobody is looking, becomes the person you are when you are alone with the one you love.

Statistically our opinions, thoughts and personality supposedly are completely different after an interval of seven years. If I think back to who I was when I was thirteen (seven years ago) I don’t think I’m that different. I have the same aspirations in life, the same personality, the same feelings; I’ve just become a little more mature. I understand things that I didn’t then, it doesn’t mean I’m not the same thirteen year old that I was.

Nobody is watching me right now, so it would be fair to say this is who I am. I always write in solitude so I guess you can find out who a person really is simply by looking into their talents and passions. A musician is the person we hear, a writer is the person we read and an actor is the character they portray. We are what we want, and what we want is what we are, our personality is built upon those inner emotions and how they react to the ever changing world. It isn’t the person that has changed over seven years; it is the environment in which they live.

Embrace your talents, your passions and who it is that you are when nobody else is around. Today, let that person shine out, let those around you know who you really are, you’ll find that those closest to you already know.

Be free. Be happy. Be you.

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