Monday, 4 October 2010

Top Banana!
(No, it's not a penis joke. For once)

My editor type friend, who despises me referring to her as my editor type friend, shall hence fourth be known as Jess. She is my editor and my friend.

She's technically been my boss for about a month now and she does a superb job. Sorting out what I need to do, arranging things and generally helping me out. I've found myself swamped down with work, with Uni work, the student magazine and my applications for going to America, it's been hard to catch a breath. She's had twice as much to do, as well as her part time job, and to be honest with you, I don't know how she manages.

When it comes to talking about the student magazine (Dusted) there are two rules, and two rules only.

1. Don't talk about Dusted.
2. You don't talk about Dusted.

It's kinda tricky to follow these rules. I feel I made her angry by writing "Dusted, Dusted, Dusted." on her facebook wall.

To show my gratitude towards her for all the work she has done I am crowning her Top Banana. It's official!

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