Thursday, 29 April 2010

Humpfest - A rant, not a review

So, this isn't a review, it's a rant.

Lee, Adam and I were sat around in our front room when we were flicking through the On Demand films. We decided we would pay to watch a film.

Skimming through them, we came across one called "Humpfest", we read the synopsis. It was something like this:

"After several years of being married to his wife, Ben gets a visit from his old best friend.. let's say.. Joe. Ben and Joe get heavily drunk and decide to make a pornographic movie."

We decide we'll watch it. It might be funny, plus the men might be really good looking. I guess this falls under the catorgory of "Gay cinema", which i'm a sucker for.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. An incredibly serious film about two ugly middle aged bearded men. Great stuff...

We talked over the most of the film, it was weird, awful and mind numbingly boring.

It gets to the final scene where they finally decide they are going to make the porno. They say it's art, two straight men having sex with one another is art.... apparantly.

They take their clothes off, they put their clothes on again, they take their clothes off, then put them on again, they take them off again, then they kiss, say it's weird, put their clothes back on, take them off again, put them on again, order milkshake and go home.

Then it ends.

SERIOUSLY? Stop wasting my time you ridiculous excuses for movies!

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