Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Music Man

One of the largest annoyances I have is housemate Lee, constantly playing his guitar - that i foolishly bought him - well paid half for. That sounds really nasty and bitter of me, but I like his music, i really do.

But when he turns off your favourite programme half way through without asking, because he NEEDS to practise, or when he says don't make ANY noise for the next four hours because he's recording, it is a nuisance! I'm not even aloud to cook, in case the oven makes a noise when he's recording, fair enough, but I live here too mister!

Anyway. You can listen to some of his music on his new myspace - and please do, because not only has he put a ton of effort in, suffering through his guitar playing antics is a burden on me too!


Even though I have to endure these minor annoyances, I fully support him all the way, when i hear his songs the first time I always think they're great, by about the 50th time I still think there good! But naturally by the 1000th hearing of them, I do get a bit bored, but hey, if you play Kylie, or Hadouken, or any other music I love to me enough, i'll sure enough get bored of that too.

This man puts a lot of heart and soul into his music, when I wake up, if he is already up I can guarantee I will find him sat upstairs in his chair, singing and strumming, squeezing effort out of every inch of his body.

I've said it once, and i'll say it again, go visit his myspace and have a little listen. - Back up plan is my favourite.

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