Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gay Maths

[The Walk Home with Jessy]

"So, there's not many decent gay men out there?"
"No, not really."
"I've only ever met like two i've really liked"
"What's the ratio, straight to gay?"
"I don't know. It's like 1:10 and rising apparantly. But I don't believe it's that high, where are they all hiding?. I recon one day it'll be like 50/50.. you know when everyone comes out."
"That'd be unfair though. Because then there'd be more gay couples."
"Why would there?"
"if 50% of people were gay, that'd be 50% of men, 50% of women. Yeah?"
"So that's 25% and 25%, and then 25% and 25% so there would be then 50% and 25% so there'd be more gay couples. Do you get what i mean?"
"No, i really don't. Where did you get 25% from?"
"RIGHT. If 50% of people were gay, that'd be 50% of women, 50% of men. so 25% lesbian, 25% gay, 50% straight."
"So, then the lesbians would be together, making 25% of people. and 25% of gays would be together, so that'd be 50%"
"Right? I don't understand."
"Oh for god sake Cal. It's simple."
"It's not bloody simple."
"Okay if men were blue and women were yellow. men and men make blue, and women and women make yellow. So women and men make green. See?"
"it's simple!"
"Adding colours just made things more confusing... so 33% of people would be gay, 33% lesbian, 33% straight. So straights would be a minority?"
"No.. where did you get 33%"
"I don't know Jess... I just don't know anymore."
"Gay maths. Let's not try it again."

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