Friday, 9 April 2010

I've told you once and i'll tell you again...

Life is full of it's little trials and tribulations, the most annoying though, is the false accusation.

After visiting the rude lady at the box office trying to buy tickets for the Lady Boys of Bangkok we return to the car park to get in Adam's car. We sensibly go up the stairs, pay at the machine, go to his car and drive down to the bottom floor. As we approach the barrier a man steps out of his office and watches us as we drive towards him. He looks furious.

Adam: Why does he look so angry?
Me: Maybe he's confused as of to why a twelve year old is driving
Adam: Seriously though, he looks really cross.

We reach the barrier, Adam winds down his window and goes to put his ticket into the barrier machine. The man snatches it off him.

"I've told you once, and i'll tell you again. Don't mess about with the machines!
"What. What machines?"
"You know exactly what I mean. Don't play dumb with me."

Adam looks up at him with his terrified bush baby eyes.

"But.. but.."
"Don't fuck about with the machines. If i catch you again!"
"But, I didn't do anything."
"I watched you on the CCTV!"
"Don't mess about with the machines!"
"Okay. Yeah. Fine. Whatever."

Adam takes back his ticket and puts it into the machine. The barrier opens and we drive away. The car park attendant has turned scarlet with rage.

"I just don't understand..."
"What did you do Adam?"
"It's only 'cause your a teenager. If you were a middle aged bloke he wouldn't dare say anything"
"Doesn't matter anyway. I'll ring to complain then i'll go back tomorrow and see if he dares talk to me like that again." He smiles wickedly.

The lesson here is don't mess with gingers. If you do they'll ring your superiors and complain.

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