Saturday, 24 April 2010

Just Another Half a Cup

After my obviously failed attempt at making a quiche I was reminded of my Mother's similar attitude when it comes to measuring.

I was visiting my parents in Spain in January and they happily showed me their new bonzai tree.
"Look, isn't it lovely"
"Yeah, it's nice."
"Don't you just love how it curls and twists."
"Yeah. How much did it cost you."
"Oh, nevermind."

My Mum, regardless of my Dad telling her 500 times only to give it one cup of water a day, returns to give it a second cup.

"Anna! Don't water it any more"
"Why? It was looking a bit droopy."
"Only one cup a day or you'll waterlog it."

5 minutes later she appears with another cup of water.
"What are you doing with that?"
"Just watering the bonzai"
"I told you, you'll over water it and it'll die."
"Just one more"
"It won't hurt". She pours it in.
"Okay, but no more!"
"Okay, just another half a cup"
"Just a sprinkle?"
"No" she returns with another full cup.
"Anna! Don't! It's very expensive, you're going to kill it." She pours it in.
"It's nice don't you think Cal." My Dad continues to yell at her but she talks to me oblivious. "Don't you just love how it twists. We put this sun catcher on it. Do you think it's nice?"
"I'll just give it a bit more water."
"Anna! Don't you dare!"
"Okay. I'll wait till tomorrow."

My Dad leaves the room. My Mum waits till he is out of sight and gives it another three cups. "Don't tell your father."

I wonder how that Bonzai is doing now, probably about as well as my quiche.

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