Friday, 9 April 2010

This has got to stop!

School boy pranks have arisen in our household. As annoying/childish as it seems, it's rather quite fun, even though I am always on the recieving end of it.

Lee: I have a easter suprise for you!
Me: An easter egg!?
Lee: Close your eyes and you'll see.

I close my eyes.

Lee: Put out your hand

I put out my hand and feel something gooey and unpleasent. I open my eyes and my hand is in the bacon grease full frying pan -Thanks Lee.

Over the week he then proceeded to salt my hair, and tell an old teacher I'm into 'water-sports' and 'belgian chocolate'. He then took me to HMV, and as we were looking at world and gay cinema, he decides to shout the following.

"We'll get that Justin Bieber poster you wanted in a minute. You've been going on about it all week! Oh now look... you've pissed yourself. We'll find somewhere to clean you up." To which I walked out of the shop in embarassment. He proceeded to follow me shouting "What about your Justin Bieber poster" all the way up the street. I hate Justin Bieber!

He then recruited Adam. I foolishly left my facebook open and went into the kitchen. They got straight into my facebook chat.

Adam & Lee pretending to be me: Hey sexy.
Adam's straight neighbour: Hi...
Adam & Lee pretending to be me: I was just in the shower, thinking about you, then i saw you online so I thought we'd have a chat. So Hi ;).
Adam's straight neighbour: Ok...

Thanks for that boys. Appreciate it, I really do. I'll get you back though! You'll see!

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