Friday, 5 February 2010

What would Grandma do?

One of my closest friends is a few years older than me, is full of wisdom and has many insightful things to tell. Therefore, I call her Grandma. She is currently studying in America, and in her absence she left me something very special. An imaginary bracelet. It reads WWGD. What would Grandma do? This is possibly the most useful thing I have in life, applying it to all situations is a must. Here's an example of where i used it recently.

I sort-of-met quite a cute boy, not really my type and somewhat annoying, but rather cute none the less. He sent me a facebook friend request so I accepted. As one does when they want to know more about a person in the 21st century, I began browsing his profile for shreds of information about him.

First I looked through a few pictures. He's okay looking I thought to myself, but really nothing special. Okay, lets look at his info.

Relationship status: Single. - Okay good start.

Birthday: January 27th 1989. - A year older than me. That's okay.

Favourite movies: Legally Blonde. Epic Movie. Twilight. - Okay, I absoloutely adore Legally Blonde, but not mentioning the second film is worth punishment alone. And as far Epic Movie and Twilight. The less said the better... But movies aren't important. Ah books, lets see what books he likes.

Favourite books: Fuck reading! Lmfao!!!!

- I paused for a moment. I looked down at my imaginary WWGD bracelet and swiftly hit the 'remove friend' button. I felt better for it too, thanks Grandma.

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