Thursday, 25 February 2010

A new low. Even for me.

I was sat with my lovely Cellist friend in the atrium at University, when one of the usually pesky people with flyers comes over to us. He's not pesky because he's quite cute, so he can be as pesky as he likes. "Hiya guys can I borrow you for a minute"
"Of course" i say before my friend can turn him away. He sits down opposite me.
"Okay, well if you fill out one of these forms, it'll only take about 30 seconds, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £250."
"Okay cool" I pretend to care. I put in my name and phone number. "What is the information going to be used for? You're not going to send me a load of stuff are you?"
"No, no, not at all"

I reach a box that reads "Business title."

"Business title? I don't have a business."

"Oh don't worry, just leave it blank, or make one up."

"I'll make one up!" my friend says and starts scribbling down nonesense into the box.

"I'll leave it blank" i say handing him the form.

"Go on, make one up." So i do, I take the form back from him and look at the empty box. "Business title". Hmm, what should I write? I look down at my imaginary WWGD bracelet, and pause for a moment...

I recall a time when my friend (I call her Grandma) and I were in 'Clinton Cards' buying Christmas cards. She asked the cute boy behind the counter if he had a pen. He did, he handed it her. She started to try write her Christmas card but found the pen didn't work. She asked for a piece of paper to scribble on, scribbled down her phone number, then handed it back to him. Smooth, taccy, but smooth i thought.

So i sit there, opposite the cute guy. I look at my phone number in the box, I look back at the cute guy. I start to write, and yes, this is a new low for me.

Business title: Call me.
Where did you hear about us?: The really really hot boy opposite.

I hand the form back to him, feeling a little embarassed. He looks at it, smiles at me and says, "Thanks".

I start to regret what i've done already, I feel like Jenifer Aniston should be playing me in some god awful chick-flick.

"What did you write as your business title?" My friend asks me, the cute boy still sat opposite.

"Nevermind." - She asks again. "Nevermind!". She continues to pester me.

"What did you write in the 'Where did you hear about us' box then?"

"I put the really hot boy opposite us.." I don't look at her. I look at him. He smiles but it goes incredibly awkward.

I try to steal the form back, but he says goodbye and takes it away, along with my dignity.