Monday, 15 February 2010

I think I know why it's such an unusal fit...

Valentines day. I'm woken up by a text early in the morning. I sit up and reach for my phone.

It's Mum.

"Happy Valentines day. Just so you don't feel left out".

I didn't feel left out, but now I do. Luckily, Lee and I have decided, rather than being single and depressed, we will play happy families and give one another a valentine. I get him a polo shirt, a pair of boxers, and chuck a few chocolates in the bag too. He takes me shopping.

We started browsing through a shop, that's music was playing out so loud that we had to shout to one another. I felt like I should have been dancing, or looking for the bar.

"Do you want a drink?" Lee shouts to me joking.
"Do you want a drink?" He makes a drinking action with his hand.
"Do you want a.. nevermind".

The volume of the awful R&B soundtrack disorientates the both of us, we end up at the back of the shop shouting to one another, trying to discuss a top Lee quite likes.

"The shape of it is really nice. It's a really nice fit. It would really accent your body, you'd look gorgeous in this"

"It looks weird"

"Yeah its not that nice, but the fit is nice. Look how it thins out towards the bottom, and look how much space it has in the chest, It'd make you look really muscular"

"You think?"

"Yeah..." He pauses, he looks extremely embarassed.

"What's wrong?"

"I think I know why it's such an unusual fit..."


He points at a sign above our heads. I look up and see in flashing pink neon letters. 'Womens'

"Oh my god, put it down, we're leaving".

"Yes" Lee agrees and starts shouting really loud so the other people in the shop can hear. "We might come back and buy it for our girlfriends later. That is why we were looking at it. For our girlfriends."

"Shut up. Your making it worse"

We leave the shop with much haste, vowing to never return. We spend the rest of the day making absolute sure we are in the men's section before touching anything.

Lee bought me a nice shirt in the end, god i hope its not made for a woman.

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