Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Nick of Time

We dawdled back from the airport after our long journey and arrived back at our flat, I unpacked a few things, rang my parents to tell them I got back safe and then opened my laptop to check my emails.

In capital letters: CONGRATULATIONS!


To my excitement I discovered I had been shortlisted in the 4music blogstar competition I entered. After being excited for a few minutes I decided to read the email in full.

Good news, good news, good news...

Please reply to this by Midnight on the 1st July to confirm you want to carry on to the next stage. If you do not reply to this by Midnight on the 1st July your position will be forfeited and given to another budding entrant.

I looked down at my computer clock and saw 00:45. 2nd July.


I replied anyway with crossed fingers and apologies for being late at 00:55. I then rang mother to tell her the good and bad news.

I wandered off to bed and was lay awake for about twenty minutes pondering over the loss when Lee arrived in the doorway.

"Cal. I have good news."
"What is it?"
"Remember last week I set your computer clock to Spanish time?"
"Yeah, so?"
"Well, when you replied to that email, it was 11:55 on the 1st July not 00:55 on the 2nd July"
"That's a blog post." I said relieved and wandered upstairs to write this.

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