Friday, 16 July 2010

Come on England! Spain!

This year, I was happy to see England get knocked out of the world cup quite early on. This year I was backing Spain. - Before they won, yes.

But why?

We were driving through some town.. I forget which town, but some town in Spain. Spain had just won a match and were celebrating all over town. We stopped at some traffic lights beside a group of around fourty Spanish teenagers celebrating. Waving their Spanish flags and such. "Great, we're in a Gibraltarian car." Mother said noticing them turn towards us. They surrounded the car. I waited for the sound of a window smash or verbal abuse, but no.

With smiles they waved their Spanish flags and cheered at us.

"If this was England the girls would have their tits out and the boys would have their knives out."

True dat Momma.

And that's why I swapped my allegiance to Spain. That and the fact that red and yellow suit me so much better than white and red. White and red? They just don't go. What a terrible combination.

Oh and... Enrique Iglesias promised to waterski naked for the press if Spain won - That might have been the reason actually.