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Apparantly trying to be a serious journalist isn't the in thing anymore. Put on a tutu and fart and you're in. Though I was in the shortlisted 30 out of over 1000 for 4music's Blogstar competition I didn't get through to the final 5. Unhappy face, but oh well. I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks to Lee and Jessy for helping out <3.

My written entry:
Lady to Princess
In 2009 Rimmel London and 4Music crowned BeyoncĂ© the World’s Greatest Popstar, but as we know, in the music industry things aren’t always made to last. Just take a look at the Sugababes, now go back ten years. Spot the difference? With this in mind, in awe of the sheer variety of fierce ladies in the charts this summer, I took to the streets to find who the Great British public think deserves to be pop princess of summer 2010 and who could be gunning for BeyoncĂ©’s crown.

3rd Place: Katy Perry

Not only is she currently topping the charts with the deliciously addictive California Gurls but sitting right in the public eye she has been known to be the centre of scandal over the last couple of years. I Kissed a Girl controversy aside her love life has been about as predictable as Shakira’s dance moves. Canning Gym Class Heroes front man Travis McCoy she moved on to funny man Russell Brand. We thought they were engaged till her tongue slipped on The Graham Norton Show where she said “Life’s never dull with him, that’s why I married him.” A secret marriage perhaps? My guess would be her Facebook relationship status reads: It’s complicated. She always keeps us guessing, and if for nothing else, we love her for it.

2nd Place: Kylie Minogue

Kylie, my personal favourite, may have fallen to number 11 with All The Lovers but she’s still greatly loved by the public and takes a well deserved second place. All The Lovers has quickly spread as the summer anthem of 2010, making us jump out of our seats every time it’s on the radio. Twinned with the release of her 11th studio album Aphrodite, she’s been catapulted straight back into her I Believe In You-era fame. She’s Lucky in Love with Spanish model Andres Velencoso and has been made Aunty Kylie for the third time. It’s a good year for our favourite Aussie pop star even if she isn’t this summer’s princess.

And the winner is…

Currently number 1 in the 4music chart with Alejandro, Lady GaGa is the clear winner with 46% of the public vote. The 80’s had Madonna’s cone bra, the 90’s had Kylie’s hot pants but the 00’s and 10’s have GaGa’s inventive fashion sense; A telephone hat, heelless shoes and beer-can rollers. Only she could pull it off. Known just as much for her costumes and bizarre music videos this songstress is wickedly musically talented. Thousands of parodies, media stories, covers and costume imitations have swept the western world, including an entire episode dedicated to her on the hit show Glee. It’s not all fancy costumes with GaGa though, she showed us her diva side by firing her entire security team when a fan got on stage whilst she was touring Japan – she really is a Fame Monster. Outfits, music and persona; hats off to you Lady G, or hats on rather. A well worn 1st place.

And my video entry. I'm rather proud of it, though I kind of hate it at the same time. I despise my voice and have very little confidence when using it, especially if a camera is pointed in my face.

Survey 100+ people, now edit it down to 30 seconds.

What, seriously?

I'm grateful I got shortlisted, making this video was the most fun i've had in some time. I hope you enjoyed it.

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