Friday, 2 July 2010

Calum With One L

I popped into the University shop to pick up the latest Attitude magazine, the hot boy who always served me studied the cover with Kylie surrounded by semi-nude men, looked up at me, studied the cover again before scanning it through with judging eyes. You don't get judged in Tesco or WHSmith, i'll be buying from them again in future.

I opened the cover and looked inside to see whether I had been credited. I wasn't sure I would be because I only did a little bit of work on that issue before I left, but sure enough there I was. Interns: Callum McSwiggan. Bah, they got my name wrong, oh well. It could be worse, I've been Caleb MaSquigwem at a music recital before.

I'm overjoyed, a second magazine for my portfolio, not to mention my name is on the inside cover of a magazine with Kylie as well as some hunky men on the front.

There's also some images of The Selfridges Party in it too.

Stick a fork in me, i'm done.

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