Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Yes, I've Turned Into a Magazine for Teenage Girls.

I really wish something would happen to me. Something remotely interesting that I could share. But no. I seem to be in one of those states where you seem to be infinately busy, but nothing ever gets done and you are consistantly bored morning til night. Yes, one of those.

I caught up with an old friend yesterday, my cheeks were sore from laughing yet I couldn't share any of that with you, because:

1: You kinda had to be there.

2: I didn't want to offend anyone and trust me it would have done.

So, instead. FML as the cool kids say on facebook these days, I'm going to bore you with a top 10. Yes I've turned into a magazine for teenage girls.

Oh well.

Cal's Top 10 Music Moments in Film and T.V

No, Unchained melody from Ghost doesn't make the list. Come on, the song is just awful. Neither does My Heart Will Go On from Titanic - There was plenty of room for two on that giant floating door Winslet, don't be so god damn selfish.

#10 Summersturm. (Summer Storm)

Summersturm. A German film about a gay anti-romance. There's no happy ending where you might expect one, I think that's why I liked it. Two songs in this film I thought worked extremely well and artistically. The first Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf. Unfortunately I couldn't find a clip but it opens the film. The second was Frankie Goes to Hollywood's The Power of Love. Again I couldn't find a clip. I've attached no link to The Power of Love because EVERYBODY knows how that goes, and if you don't, well, maybe crawl out from underneathe your rock from time to time. Below is the song Blonde on Blonde but as I said there's no visual - sadly. If you have five minutes spare and happen to stumble upon Summersturm somewhere, give it a watch and get back to me. I'm sure you'll agree, great film, great music.

The other 9 will follow soon...ish

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