Monday, 5 July 2010

Cal’s 100th Blog Post

So, prior to this post, I’ve written 99 posts all about me. That’s how narcissistic I am. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, and I hope you stay with me for another hundred.

I’ve been toying with the idea of advertising on my blog for some time now but am somewhat concerned over how tacky it might look. I’ve always been one to know the importance of aesthetics and this is no exception. The adverts apparently take key words from the words on your blog and advertise accordingly.

They are likely to be advertising Kylie CD’s and Gay pride paraphernalia then. That wouldn’t be so bad. But then again I might end up with adverts for porn and sex toys. After all I did do a post called “Old Timely Sex Aids” not that long ago.

In all seriousness though I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. It would only generate a pittance, then again, I’m not exactly rolling around in money at the minute – I wish I was though, that’d be fun.

I think I’ve learned a little about myself and writing whilst maintaining this blog and if nothing else I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I know sometimes I ramble a bit, but I know exactly how to get people to carry on reading and exactly how to get people to scroll down.

Like this…

Tyler Bachtel

Adam Garcia

Ashton Kutcher

Cristiano Ronaldo

Still with me? I thought so. Did it just get a little hotter in here? I like these kind of photos, you can pass them off as ‘art’ as an excuse for looking at them. Lee and I have these two on our wall, we pass them off as art too.

Miscelanious D&G Model

Miscelanious Paco Rabanne Model

Any excuse to put these pictures up... Well I can't very well go 100 posts on a blog about being gay without putting some topless men up, can I?


  1. Hooray for narcissism! I for one LOVE reading about YOU! Looking forward to the next 100 :)

  2. You lost me at Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to slap him in his smarmy face :( love it otherwise though! x x

  3. Kirsty: I think all us bloggers are narcissists! I love that you love reading about me <--- more narcissism there. :D

    P.s, I think your football post partially inspired this one, your excuse to put up sexy men was football, mine was... i can't even remember.

    Jess: I know he's a smarmy twat, I want to slap him in his smarmy face too, that's why I like him. He knows he's gorgeous and an arogant dick about it, it doesn't stop the women (and men) swooning. :D x

  4. Worry not! I will still be posting :)

  5. I'd like every post to have this man content babe x