Sunday, 19 September 2010

I Wanna See Your Peacock.. Cock..Cock..Cock.

Today was one of those days where there is a feeling of excitement in the air, a feeling of possibility, a feeling of change. I can't explain why these days come about, but they do from time to time, just like those pesky bad days.

With this feeling comes a certain degree of ambition and with ambition we have a responsibility to ourselves to use this ambition for good.

So what have I decided to do?

1: Blog Make-Over.

Eep, I might need help with this one.

2: Blog Adverts!?

I think it's about time. An extra 15p in my bank account every month would be nice. I can buy myself a chomp. Oh, wait. Yeah I forgot about the failure that is the Britih economic climate... Chomps are no longer 15p. - Sadness.

3: A Blog a Day (keeps the doctor away?)

I'm going to try harder to write every day. This may involve me telling you about the soup I had for lunch... I hope you don't mind.

So, to round things off. Here's a little something to enjoy. It combines my love of Katy Perry and my love of overly flamboyant gays. It's a shame I only find one of them attractive, care to guess which?

Possibly the gayest thing since the Bearforce1 megamix. Youtube if you dare!

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