Friday, 3 September 2010


Never ever will I:
Dye my hair.
Take drugs.

I'm such a hypocrital liar sometimes. Today I decided to go ginger. Well "Light copper mahogany" as the packet would have me believe. I sat, cocktail in hand, as Lee coloured, blow dried and styled my hair. We played salon. It was ever so much fun. We even did a Gok 'How to look good naked'-esque reveal with the mirror at the end.

And to top the whole thing off we did a fashion show and a photo shoot! Yes thank you, we're reinforcing negative gay stereotypes. Whatever, there's nothing negative about looking fabulous. Did you even read the title of this blog? Second word, if you ignore the parenthesis. Fabulous.

I'm taking the top back though. I kindly asked Lee if I looked fat in it and he said "Yes, from the side." How rude! If i was a woman his gonads would be in a jar on my mantle right about now. Cheeky bastard.

So anyway, enough chit chat. Back to the 'How to look good naked'-esque reveal.


I quite like being ever so slightly ginger.


  1. Ginger is the most awesome colour ever for hair. Wish I could see the colour better in your photo though...

  2. I know it's a bit dark to see isn't it :(

    The colour has faded now and it's gone a kind of rusty brown so I can't take another picture to show you either =(