Friday, 24 September 2010

The Boys @ Abecrombie & Fitch

I opened up my wallet to find a crisp five pound note. The remainder of our combined money after the bills, rent and fresher's week had hit. The phone rang.

"I thought i'd pop round for a cup of tea!" our friend chortled.
"You'll be lucky to get a cup of tea..." I answered.
"I'll bring the milk, tea and biscuits then." From the tone of her voice I detected she rolled her eyes as she said this. But in a nice, sort of, the gays have got no milk in, what a surprise kind of way.

We bumped into her in the supermarket. "I thought you had no money." she declared.
"We have a fiver" I said holding it up to show her.
"And you're spending that on cigarettes and strawberry flavoured water?"
"Smart move."

Today, however, was pay day/loan day. I'm revelling in the fact that I have temporary financial security til Christmas now. It's taking all the power I can muster to stop myself going to Abecrombie and Fitch to buy something pretty though. £18 for some boxers? I think not... Then I see the models.

Oh. Hi Isaac. Hi Justin.
You want £18? Sure, let me just get my credit card.


  1. I swear my friend just goes to A&F for the naked guys selling her the stuff.
    She wears nothing else.

  2. Oh god, I was talking about the website. I've never been to an actual A&F, I think i'd come out aroused. I didn't realise they had naked, or semi-naked, men in there!

    *buys a ticket to London - or wherever the nearest A&F is*

  3. thats actually the only reason why people go there... oh and the shopping bags

    or wait, did cathi just confused naked men on shopping bags with the ones that sell the stuff...dressed...

  4. I adore the shopping bags. I'd love to carry one with me everywhere. I'd look rich, important and could show off my love of partial male nudity. =)