Saturday, 26 June 2010

Spanish Measures

Lee and I sat at the extremely picturesque, charming and expensive bar at the steak house in the polo fields discussing the meal we had just consumed whilst eyeing up the barman. Lee and I agreed that the steak was not the only lean cut piece of Argentinian meat in that particular restaraunt and Lee secretly decided to film him with his multi-purpose iPod. I'll upload the film here soon as it's probably rather entertaining. As we watched him making drinks our jaws fell open as we witnessed the sheer ammount of Ameretto he added to four cocktails. We knew Spanish measures were ridiculously large, and cost the same as English measures, we even knew that my mother got told she could put her own gin in her drink by a Spanish barman once, but these measures were there own breed. He opened a fresh bottle of Ameretto and began pouring it into one of the four large glasses, he had nearly emptied the bottle by the time he got to the fourth glass, there was about half a shot left in the bottle; about the ammount you would get charged £4.50 for in an English bar, he held it up to the light examining the remnants and tossed it over his shoulder into the bin before going to retrieve another bottle to top the fourth drink up with. He then tipped a thimble of grenadine syrup over the top and called it a cocktail. He can call it what he likes, i'll take two.

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