Sunday, 6 June 2010

Amsterdam VIII: Conclusion

Aside from the fact I came back with empty pockets from all the expensive cocktails and cakes we bought when Lee had the munchies, it was most definately worth it.

What was not worth it though was the 45 euro meal we had on our last night. We stopped by in a tapas bar and ordered a selection of food. It came out and it was vile. It seemed they had served us a selection of tesco value sandwich fillings. The waiter was rude to us throughout and when it came to paying the bill, and when Lee handed him his card, he took it and then pointed at the bill. "Where's my tip?"
Reluctantly Lee gave him a four euro tip. Cheeky bastard, he deserved nothing.

So, I hope you enjoyed my eight pronged attack at sharing my trip with you, I didn't feel one post would have been enough.

Nine days and i'll be in Spain, where i'm sure i'll find more things to share with you, afterall the last time I was there, the sixty year old neighbour danced with a rubber penis for everyone. What more could you ask for?

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