Sunday, 27 June 2010

Señor Wapa

After Spiderman had been burned and we'd succesfully washed away our sins, we headed up the beach towards the bar, the general consensus was that we were in search of dances to dance, people to mock, and gin to drink. Mother soon found the dancers and the gays soon found the bar. After being told what the word 'Wapa' meant in Spanish (beautiful/sexy/fit) accompanied by a fictional anecdote of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who stands outside pet shops shouting 'Wapa wapa' at any Spanish man who passes by, one of the barmen was quickly named Señor Wapa. The gays then continued to harass the man, and Lee got out his iPod to film him. (a suspicious growing trend after what happened at the steak house) He was busy making drinks for people, and we waved away any other barman/wench who attempted to serve us. "Call him over for us Anna!" Lee shouted to my mother, bemused by all the dancing she replied. "I'm not getting involved." she turned back to watching the dancing. I watched the dancers for a moment, it took me the best part of three minutes to realise they were doing the same box step over and over to different music. "Please Anna." Lee repeated.
"I don't have any more money." she announced showing us her empty purse.
"You don't have to order a drink just shout him over for a photo."
"Okay, what's his name again?"
"Señor Wapa." we chorused.
"Señor Wapa" she waved with a smile and he came running over so that Lee could pretend to take a photo whilst secretly filming him. "So where are you from?" Señor Wapa asked, mother had already turned away and was clapping along to the dancing. He looked at the five gay men stood in front of him, shook all of our hands awkwardly, and then slinked away back behind the bar.


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  1. Haha you had fun! I love Spain... full of fitties - FACT. Your comment on my post made me laugh - a lot! x