Friday, 18 June 2010

Judy Garland's Dog is Named After a What!?

Judy Garland's dog is in danger of offending the Spanish should they decide to sit down and watch the English classic: The Wizard of Oz. Amidst the endless gossip funneled through me in my mother's Spanish garden I discovered the worst swear word of all in Spanish. Toto, meaning, and having the same affect on the Spanish as See You Next Tuesday does in English. Clearly side stepping this fact, the dog in The Wizard of Oz, bounding along next to Judy Garland's Dorothy whilst she sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was named after a lady garden. That's good writing.

As far as I know, there's been no uproar about it, no real acknowledgement either. It's such a cute word and if I didn't know better I might have paused for a moment and named my own dog Toto. I once thought Tonto would be a nice name for a dog, meaning silly in Spanish, and Toto isn't that far off.

There was uproar however over the children's programme In The Night Garden, the nonesence named characters were named at random, but unknowingly one of them was named "Go fuck yourself" in the Chinese/Japanese language. Uh-oh. Go Fuck Yourself was playing with Iggle Piggle in the garden when Go Fuck Yourself told Iggle Piggle he'd had enough of him and beat his head in with a brick.

Enjoy kids, I know I will.

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