Monday, 7 June 2010

Adam & Steve

So, boredom has temporarily unfolded right into my lap, I could tell you about the weather I suppose, but I'm sure you're not that desperate and the last time I checked I wasn't an old man at a bus stop. Saying that though, Lee and I did sit on a bench today, watching the ducks and complaining about how the prices of ice poles have sky-rocketed.

Anyway... since the last post about gay adverts was so popular - (how do i know? Statcounter told me several of you read it multiple times!) - I thought i'd do a follow up with three more.

First up, Levi's subtly gay advert managed to not get banned and made it to screens across the U.S in 2007.

Wow, if only my jeans had the same powers. Maybe I should buy some Levi's. The only question that lingers in my mind though is what happens when these two fellas make it to the bedroom and the jeans have to come off. It seems these two are destined for a life of celibacy.

Secondly we have Pepsi's advert that never managed to make it to the small screen, or the big screen for that matter, for the reason that it promoted the homosexual lifestyle...

If i was still a closet case I’d play this game with straight friends all the time to see their reaction. Usually though people know my orientation by the time I’ve said hello those jeans are just fabulous where did you get them?

Sadly this last one was banned too, I can't imagine why. We could get all pernickety and say it's offensive to gay people because we're not all camp raving queens, but when there’s a funny advert at stake there’s just no time to be politically correct. I love this ad I just don't really understand how it advertises insurance.


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