Friday, 5 March 2010

What made you think I wanted to go to Stoke?

Lee and I go to the ticket window at the train station. Before we say anything the woman behind the window begins mashing keys on her keyboard and says happily.

"£3.45 then please."

"For what?"

"A ticket to Stoke."

"But I don't want to go to Stoke."

"Oh, sorry. I guessed"

"What made you think I wanted to go to Stoke?"

"Well your friends are going to Stoke..."

"Which friends?"

"Those friends..." She points to a middle aged couple on the other side of the train station.

"Those aren't my friends. I've never seen them before in my entire life..."

"But you were standing behind them in the queue... weren't you?"

"Well, yeah, probably. But that's generally what you do in a queue, stand behind people."

"Oh, well, I'm very sorry. I'm going to have to cancel this ticket to Stoke now." She starts hitting keys on her keyboard again. "So, where to?"

"Leicester please, return."

"Okay... that'll be £11.50 then please. It would have been cheaper if you went to Stoke."

"Yeah, but I don't want to go to Stoke..."

"Well why not? It's a very nice place"

"I'm sure it is... wait, no it's not, besdies I want to go to Leicester."

"Suit yourself." She takes the money and smiles like a mad woman.

I guess the National Rail will employ anybody...

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