Tuesday, 23 March 2010

“Were The World Mine” – (A Very Casual ‘Ranty’ Review)

Aside from the confusing title, this film was terrible, but bare with me, because I really, really, really enjoyed it. Slap me aside and tell me to grow up for going all light-headed and happy at a gay romance story if you want, but it was a real feel good film and very enjoyable to watch. It told the story of a young homosexual boy in secondary school performing in the school play. The whole thing is very much ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ orientated, twisting the conventions of Shakespeare very slightly to make it very homo-related. The protagonist is very much a real life ‘Puck’. From reading ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ he concocts a love potion and goes around the town making everybody fall in love with same sex counterparts. He also uses the potion on the ‘Hot Jock Boy’ (Their words not mine) he is in love with, little does he know the jock already loved him back and the whole story unravels in a tedious, yet somewhat cute way. There is a lot of comedy in the film: the homophobic P.E teacher pursuing his new found love for the male elderly principle; the homophobic bullies falling in love with one another; accidentally causing his best friend to fall in love with him, much to the displeasure of his best friend’s girlfriend and causing a middle aged woman to fall in love with his own mother are but a few of the interloping side stories

The film has some sad parts too, watching the mother struggling with her son being gay, and watching her try to uphold the families survival with no money are both heartbreaking twists. Watching her sat up in the middle of the night cutting up her wedding dress, to make her son wings for the school play, really shows her affection and dedication to him, even though she is having trouble dealing with his homosexuality. The story briefly touches upon religious beliefs over Christianity, but it moves away from that very quickly to get back to the comedy. Two women driving down the street, seeing same sex couples ‘getting it on’ everywhere they look is pleasing to watch, however when they start getting chased by women it has a ‘zombie film’ feel to it and it’s all very strange.

I died inside at the end when the bully puts his hand on the gay couples’ shoulders and says “I want to see you two lovebirds at my party tonight”. I was sat thinking. “That would never happen”. It ruined the whole thing, which is why I previously deemed it terrible.
There’s some weird basketball meets ballet moments too. Topless men floating around playing basketball and doing ballet. It sounds too good to be true. Well it is. To be quite honest with you, it’s somewhat scary, and incredibly weird.
Oh, and like I probably should have mentioned at the start of this review; it’s actually a musical. Not that you would know. It features a limited number of songs, which are awful and confusing and all sound the same. This film is really for lovers of films like ‘The Notebook’ (Which I haven’t seen but I know the jist of it) and ‘A Walk to Remember’. It’s all very American, cheesy and full of bad romantic gestures, but it makes you feel slightly fuzzy inside none the less.

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