Saturday, 20 March 2010


Just over two years ago whilst I was still in sixth form we had a girl from Saudi Arabia join our school. We quickly made friends with her, she taught us some phrases in her language: Malayalam - (It's a palindrome!). In exchange we taught her slang and explained some parts of our society that she didn't understand.

Lee's 18th Birthday was approaching fast and I had gone to a lot of effort setting up a big surprise party for him. Nearly everyone was invited and I thought it appropriate to invite our new friend.

"We're throwing a huge surprise party for Lee next week, I'm sure he would love it if you could be there."
"What do you mean by surprise party?"
"Oh. It's just a party but he doesn't know about it till it actually happens. We all jump out and shout surprise."
"Oh. Like a secret party?"
"Yeah. So don't tell Lee okay?"
"Okay. I don't know if I can come though. I will let you know."
"Okay. Remember, it's a secret so don't tell Lee."
"I won't!" She puts her finger on her lips.

The day before his party, Lee, our bear-look-alike-friend, and me are walking down the street, we see our Saudi Arabian friend on the other side of the road. She waves. We wave back. She shouts across the street at the top of her voice.
"Lee! Lee! I'm coming to your surprise party!" Luckily the passing traffic is quite loud and Lee doesn't hear what she says. "What?" he shouts back. My bear-look-alike-friend begins singing 'Oh Fortuna' really loud to try and stop him hearing.
"I'm coming to your surprise party!"
"I'm coming to your surprise party!"
"LA LA LA LA LA LA" I say in Lee's ear trying to distract him, my friend changes song to 'Ride on time'.
"Shut up. Stop singing. I can't hear what she is trying to say."
"I'm coming to your surprise party!"
"What?! What is she saying?"
"I think she is just speaking Malayalam again. Come on."
"No, I think she is saying something about a party."
"Lee!" she shouts again. I look at her and put my finger on my lips. "Oh yeah! It's a secret! Nevermind."
"She's very perculiar that one isn't she." Lee says as we manage to get him around the corner.
"So, any plans for tomorrow? What are we going to do for my Birthday?"

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