Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Shall we have a pine cone fight?

Satnav: Turn right.

We turn left. 15 minutes later we are back in the same place. Our friends following us in the car behind don't look amused. I get a text. "Loving the big circle guys. Shall we lead now?" They take over; flipping us the bird in the maturist of ways. Laughing as they go.

We reach our destination. An extremely steep car park. Our friends get out of their car. They look at us puzzled still sat in our car, daring not to move. They wave us over. We stay in our seats. They look confused so I ring them. "We can't get out..."
"The handbrake doesn't work and we'll roll down the hill. Watch." My friend takes her foot off the brake and we slowly roll backwards. They laugh. They don't help.

We play hide and seek amongst waterfalls and watermill ruins, drinking ribena and eating black jacks.
"Ruined water? What does that mean?"
"Ruined water mill. Did you get bored halfway through the sentence?" She doesn't answer.
"Shall we have a pine cone fight?" She proffers.
"I think you're conveniently forgetting the pine cones..."
"Then a rock fight?"
"That would hurt."
"Twig fight?"
"We're not having a fight!" She looks upset.

On the way home my friend turns to me and says. "Do you feel grown up?"
"Like an adult? Not really. Why?"
"Well it's just. We've had a really grown up day. We're like adults now."
"Are you serious?" I ask with utter disbelief.
She nods.

[The lovely photos featured above are from the work of the splendiferous Hannah Millard. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hannahmillard/ Pay her a visit, you won't be sorry!]

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