Friday, 5 March 2010

Like a tarantula made of fingers?

I was at a book swap with a group of friends, when my lovely cellist friend announced she had run out of film for her camera. She was taking pictures, for reasons i cannot remember, however I think it was important.

"The shop downstairs might sell some. I'll go with you." I turn to my other friends. "We'll be back in two minutes, wait here". We scurry off to the shop downstairs and search for film for her camera. They don't sell any. As we leave the shop we notice an open set of doors leading into a passageway we had never, in our two years of university, noticed before.

"Where does that go?"

"I've no idea. I think it leads up stairs. I'll show you where it comes out".

Why we didn't just go through the tunnel I have no idea. Instead we went off on a search to find out where it came out.

"Through here I think!" We wander off down another passage we have never really explored. "You know, we don't explore this campus enough.. Men's changing rooms!" She reads a sign in front of us with a large arrow pointing to the left. Without thought, regardless of the fact that it is probably socially unaccaptable for a gay man, unless he in fact intends to get changed, and a girl to go into the men's changing rooms, we turn left. We follow the passage, following the signs. We follow them precisely but somehow end up outside.

"This is definately not the men's changing rooms."

"No. I think we've been tricked. Where does this path go?"

"I don't know. Shall we?"


We follow the path, and go up a flight of stairs that appear to lead no where. "This is really confusing. It's like the university had a huge stair budget, but no budget for doors". We go back down the stairs and after wandering around confused for a large space of time we end up drinking in the SU bar. After that we end up in a pub in the middle of nowhere, where an old man shouts at us for 'doing countdown wrong'.

"So how is your son, erm, I forgot his name. I can't believe i've forgotten his name. That's terrible. That's like you not being able to remember the name of... my.. pet or something"

"Yeah, if that pet was made of parts of your body."

"Like a tarantula made of fingers?"

"Exactly. Like a tarantula made of fingers.... Wait, aren't we meant to be somewhere?"

Suddenly we both remember that our friends have been waiting for us at a book swap for over an hour. We finish our drinks and quickly return back to the room, to find our very patient friends.

"Did you get the film?"

"Film? Ohh... No. They didn't have any."

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