Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ignorance Truly is Bliss...

A healthy start to a new day. I know, I think to myself, I'll get to work on my coursework afterall it is due in only eight short weeks. Research for writers, hmm. What shall i research?

After thinking for a semi-short space of time I minimise my somewhat empty word document and decide to write a blog post. What should I write about though? Nothing of interest has happened in the past 48 hours. Okay. I know. I'll tell you about the crazy KFC lady...

I was standing in a queue, that was far too long a queue to wait in for chicken, yet I was there. Waiting. At the front of the queue two middle aged women are ordering their mega-bucket.

"Would you like any drinks with that?"
"Oh. Yeah. Coke please."
"You get free refils with that"
"Oh. Great!"

The lady behind the counter fills up two plastic cups of coke and hands them to her. She pays and they wander off with their chicken. My friend and I get to the front of the queue and start ordering our repulsive order of chicken when the middle aged woman returns, yelling across the room to her friend sat at the table.

"What did you want? Coke? Yeah? Coke? What? Okay!"

I look at the refill dispenser conveniently close to their table, it must have been in their eyeline, surely. But no. She approaches the counter and opens the little pannel door they have. Do you know what I mean? I hope so because i'm not explaining it. She opens the little pannel door and goes behind the counter with the KFC staff. They look at her entirely unamused yet somewhat gobsmacked at her ignorance as she pushes past them to refill her plastic cups. They don't say anything.

"Oh 'scuse me love" she says scooching past the staff and starts refilling her bucket with chicken. I kid you not. Then she leans over the counter and starts shouting to her friend again. The staff still said nothing. I looked on with disbelief.

"You want anything else? What? Anything else? Ice cream? No? Ohh. Okay!"

She turns around and gets a small pot of Ben&Jerrys out of the freezer, scooches back past the staff, opens the pannel door and heads back towards her table.

"Did she pay for that?" One of the KFC staff says to another.
"No. I told her she got free refills. I think she misunderstood."

I look back to the insane middle aged women sat at their table, telling jokes, cackling at one another, enjoying their chicken and ice cream.

Ignorance truly is bliss.

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