Thursday, 14 January 2010

Trainer Shopping

I walk into 'Footlocker' which obviously is out of my comfort zone, to buy a pair of purple and black nikes i had been eyeing up. I ask the rather cute salesman if i could try them in a size 10. He brings them over. While i try them on he starts talking to me about insoles and 'air max' i have no idea what he is talking about, i nod along smiling, wishing i had the money to buy the £235 pair of D&G trainers i had spotted in a magazine earlier in the week, so that i wouldn't have to endure this ridiculous 'straight man' talk. "So do you play a lot of sport then?" he asks me as i'm looking for a mirror to look at myself in the trainers. "Erm. no". I answer
"Really? You look like the type"
{Awkward silence}
"But... I'm wearing a scarf... in a parisian knot"
{Even awkwarder silence}.
I buy the trainers and vow to do all shoe shopping online from now on.

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