Friday, 5 November 2010

Tonight, I'm Cleaning Out My Closet.

A lot of us have the tendency to hoard oogles and oogles of 'stuff'. I think it's rather inherent that I got this tendency from my mother; when I was twelve she asked me to help her clear out the cupboard underneath the stairs.

I found four thousand handbags.

All these things we save away are a burden on our lives. Often, the less you have the more free you feel. When you go away on a trip or on holiday, what do you bring?
That's probably everything you need.

With my journey to New York impending faster and faster, ten months *gulp*, assuming all goes to plan I realise I need to condense my belongings down to a finite amount of necessities. Thinking to myself, I look around and think how much of this do I really need?

My laptop, my phone, my box of published work. That's all I really need.
My DVDs and photos are the only things I really want.

A few odds and ends here and there are worth saving but looking around I have so many things I don't need and probably don't use.

My musical instruments and furniture are too big to take with me but I will find a home for them here until I get back.

Even if you're not going anywhere for a very long time it's worth thinking about, how much of what you own do you actually need? How much do you actually want? And how much is just taking up space?

If you can’t motivate yourself to clear out all the rubbish you’ve gathered, there’s always the added bonus that you might stumble upon something you’d forgotten about but truly do love; something that really is worth saving. Just look what I found when clearing out my closet...

Don't rush for your closets too fast ladies, I can't guarantee there will be a man in there. We can always hope though, eh'?


  1. I disagree. As a seasoned traveller I can't tell you how many times I've been grateful for the handful of photos blu-tacked beside whatever bed I've got for that night/week/month. The photos are important. Trust me.


  2. I said the photos are important, keep up! :P x