Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas.

Okay, it’s rather an obscure thing to write about, given, but hear me out.

I’ve wanted a husky since as long as I can remember; I even have a name picked out readily for when the day comes when I am ready to take on that responsibility. I’ve always said I would raise it from a tiny puppy right into its old age. It would be female and unsurprisingly would be named Kylie. – Not just because I’m a raving gay and want to name my dog after Kylie Minogue but also because I think it would be the perfect name for a husky.

So, other than the fact that my landlord doesn’t allow dogs, why don’t I already have one?

It’s something I’ve thought long and hard about. I’ve always grown up with dogs and although I have seen the love and attention they give to my parents and how they infinitely must increase their quality of life, I know that it is not the right time for me. I have seen my parents routed down, seen them fork out hundreds of pounds for vet fees and untold obscene amounts of money to take them away to Spain with them when they moved.

I want to travel, especially while I’m young. As some of you may already know I’m currently setting the foundations for my plan to spend the next two years in New York. If I had a husky you can only imagine the additional complications thrown in, probably resulting in me having to give the dog up, pay ridiculous amounts of money I don’t have to take it with me or have to be away from it for two years. None of those things bear thinking about.

That’s not my only reason though; I can barely afford my own rent and food, I wouldn’t be able to support a child so why should I be able to support a dog? The expenses associated with having a dog are endless. At first we may think of the price of buying the dog, then we think of the food, then the upkeep, then vets bills. Before we know it we need thousands of pounds very few people my age have.

I want a big garden, I want the free time to walk and pay attention to my dog, I want the money to support it through life, through the good, through the bad and through any medical condition. I once saw a family suffer great emotional stress when there family pet was severely injured yet they hadn’t got pet insurance or the money to pay for the operation. It was heartbreaking; I never want to be in that situation.

And that is why I don’t have a Husky. My husky’s grandparents are probably out there frolicking right now, one day, when I’m in my thirties, I will take up Kylie; my husky puppy and I will know I am ready to be a proud dog owner.

A dog is for life not just for Christmas. – True dat.

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