Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fans In Unlikely Places

The lack of posts I’ve been writing recently is appalling. The excuse I’ve been using is I have nothing to write about, I’ve not been doing anything that interesting. Lies to be honest, I’ll find something to write about. Talking to some friends of mine today, I realised I actually do have fans wanting to read about me. Who’d have thought it? Little old me. It got me realising how I have little pockets of people all over the world who frequent this blog. Kirsty who blogs over at is traversing South Africa in search of meerkats, my aforementioned friends read from Austria, who I met in an online game years ago, (I know, ostracize me for being geeky if you wish, but honesty makes the world go round!) one of which has the second name “Beer House”. You would have to be mad not to want to be friends with her. Seriously. Beer House. Well, Bierhaus – But you know. My dearest friend who I call Grandma, hops on and off flights to America, Italy and the UK, she blogs over at If anything we read each other to keep in touch and know what the other is doing. She’s mighty witty too. Then there’s a few of my mother’s friends whom I’ve grown quite partial too reading from Spain. I check my statistics now and then and have discovered I have readers in Cyprus, Amsterdam and Argentina. Shout up guys, leave a comment. Don’t be shy; I’d love to hear from you.

So, firstly, hello to my multicultural fans. Secondly, I’d like to tell you a little about what I’m up to and my plans for the future. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you, I’ll be quick. Currently I’ve been making preparations for my impending move to America. Though plans are to move next September, most things need to be sorted by this December, so things are moving quickly. I’ve just got back from Spain where I was helping my parents move house. Carrying furniture in 38 degrees is not fun, I assure you. But that’s for another post. I’m taking on the Entertainment and Music editorial position this September for our University magazine Dusted, am going to be in Attitude Magazine again, this time with an interview with me and Lee accompanied by photos. Exciting, there will be a link up here as soon as it comes out. As well as all that I’ve got to make a start on my dissertation as well as explaining why we’re moving to America to my parents and friends who aren’t having any of it.

So, to lighten the mood a little. When talking to my friends from Austria I told them I couldn’t think of anything to write about and they said “unfortunate mistypes”. I considered it for a moment and after being directed to, rather than – Please don’t click the first link if you’re reading mother, it’s porn. I decided I could have some fun with it. I racked my brain a little and remembered my all time favourite website. which once upon a time was an actual pen website. The URL has been removed now it seems. Sadness.

So after scouring the internet for a while I discovered some gems. – The Rapist Finder.

Who said energy suppliers don’t have a sense of humour? and would beg to differ. They really must have noticed their obvious flaw. Surely?

And lastly one that is actually a little worrying and disturbing but I can’t leave it out. – Molestation Nursery. – Luckily it’s a plant nursery, not a children’s nursery. – Phew!

These are all 100% real, click the links if you don’t believe me.

You really couldn’t make it up.

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